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[sticky post] Communities that Alli pops up in:


Avalon Island: Round Robin set in an original/crossover universe.
Curious Goods: A Multi-Fandom rp rewrite of "Friday the 13th: The Series".
Endless Epitaph: A Multi-Fandom rp with a horror setting.
Lunatic Cafe: Random rp, set in a cafe in an inter-dimensional nexus.
Serenity Hills: Set in the same nexus as the cafe, a "perfect" gated community has questionable happenings.
Dark Place: Darkplace Hospital, where weird things happen. Based on the show "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace".
Behind The Glass: Randomish rp where the setting is being trapped in a snowglobe by the goddess Anansi.

Please contact here if necessary.
*pokes journal*

Hey, this still works.


There's this lair of were-things out near the lake, right? They're a random bunch and they tried to attack one of the summer camps here. Yeah, Jason totally wasn't having that. If anyone was going to do some butchering of teens, it was going to be him. But anyway, he took down a few, but told the doc and asked if he could do anything about it.

I totally volunteered to get rid of them. Hey, we only need one killer in the woods. Not a whole bunch of furries trying to eat everyone.

So I decided I wanted to blow up the place.

Thermal detonators kick so much ass!

I'm bored.

Didn't have cheerleading practice, because Xena was busy with Mythe. Again.


riley_finnRiley is grading test papers..

The roomies are doing homework.. except sailor_cosmosSerena, but she's in the mech lab..


I think I'll go bother _raistlin_Raist..

I can't believe she did it.

sailor_cosmosSerena dropped my car on a Doom Bot!!

Okay, I admit, it was Angel's car.. but.. I LOVED that car!

Now I'm going to have to listen to him cry.


Bad monkey, needs to be broken.

Warren has been put on my list.
Not the good one like Legolas, Elrohir and Faramir are on.
But the list of people I'm going to break.

It'll be fun for me. Painful for him.

I like new playmates.

*skips away laughing evilly*

Oh yeah.. for those who don't know, we Super Vixens came in third at the Kumite Tournament!!
We gave Buffy the money. I don't need it. *pulls out a handful of platinum cards from pocket space* I have plenty of cash. So does Raina.

We were in it for the fights.

Anyhoo, gotta go plan Warren's torture!!

Matchmaker Alli!!

Ohh... I totally haven't posted my party stuff, but it's okay.
Buffy pretty much covered it all.
Anything that happened before we got arrested....I'll keep it a secret for now. *hides her stash of photos*

I'm sick. Can you believe it? I caught some kind of bug. I dunno what, but Cat made me stay in bed today. It sucks. *pouts* I wanted to go out with Riley after school, but nooo, Cat said they aren't going to up and cure the simple colds and flues that ail us here.
Only if it gets bad...

Bet you're wondering why I'm calling myself matchmaker Alli. Right?

Well I'm setting Buffy up! She totally needs a date!
Especially one that has a pulse.

So like I met this guy in an arcade a few years ago, and he's major hottie, and totally kicks ass, and so I forced him into agreeing. (We stalkers can do that. *beams*) He wasn't really up to it, cause he thinks he's got this curse or whatever, but I call it bad luck/fate and stuff.

But he agreed. And really Buffy, you'll like him!! He's even a card carrying member of Silence's male harem! And that means he has a steady paycheck for doing nothing but looking good! Ain't it awesome?!!


Buffy's party is tomorrow night and it's like EVERYONE is going.
From gods like Ares to normal people like Diana Michelle and Xander.

Even some Middle Earth people are coming!
In fact, if anyone wants to know who is coming, heres the list that I managed to come up with from all the replies....

Me!, Silence, Xander, Willow & Tara, Vampire Willow, Drusilla, Glory, Ares, Weirdbard, Imp 13, Sasami (she's catering!) her amazon bodyguards & Washu the greatest Scientific Genius in the Omniverse, Ryoko, Synergy & Iceman, Erato, Witchblade69, Diana Michelle, Sigmund the undead penguin, Frodo Gardner, Merry Brandybuck, Michael J. Fox, Queen Beruthiel, Isildur, Éomer, Lady Finduilas, Amael Greenleaf, Rose Cotton, and I think Lord Denethor and Gabrielle.

It's going to be such a blast!!!

Except if Faramir's dad DOES go...I'll be stalking him for treating Faramir so badly.
Of course I'll also be staying as far away from Ares as possible. Her's all grr from me putting him in The Box.

He deserved it damn it!

Good morning!

So like, Buffy is gonna throw a party, and I'm so going. She's even got Sasami to cater it!
I'm too sure of when it is though, but still, I urge everyone who sees this to go!
You'll probably get to meet all of Buffy's Slayerettes, her lj friends and maybe even people from the Lunatic Cafe!

It'll be fun! Really!
And I guarantee the food will be totally awesome!
Cause Sasami is THE BEST cook ever!!

Time go, I want to see if Master Skywalker and Master Windu will let me watch their Jedi class this morning. From what Serena tells me, they're doing some basic sword play and stuff and I sooo wanna see Tenchi vs a Jedi!


Well, this was fun.

So like, I went shopping with Buffy and Xander.
If you want to know what happened, Here.

My story here is what came after.
So like you read in Buffy's LJ that I got kidnapped by Ares.

The jerk is still pissed cause I stuck him in The Box.
So he took me to one of his temples in Greece, kay? Then he started to totally babble on as villains do, about what he was gonna do to me. Hello? LOSER! Like everyone knows that you never talk about that stuff! Cause then you like, lose!

Well just as he's bitching, theres an explosion that makes the doors fly off the hinges. Out of the smoke and debree, comes my hero, Riley Finn.

He looked mad. That's my guy!

So Ares yells and throws a fireball, and Riley ducks and rolls forward. The fireball passes overhead and is caught by Silence! Whoo! Go Sil!
She stares at it and it goes poof! Then she turns to Ares and calls him a naughty monkey.

Then a bunch of Ares's flunkies show up and Riley starts fighting them. Ares ports out and Sil follows.

Riley is all by himself but then Weirdbard shows up with Reiko and helps him with the cannon fodder. They win and Riley comes over and frees me.

I reward him with a kiss of course! And hugs for Reiko and Bard.
Then Sil shows up again and she looks pleased, and she explains how she torched Ares's place in Olympus.

And people wonder where I get my fire obsession from. ^_^

So we went home to the academy and I emailed Buffy to let her know I was okay, and then showed off all the stuff I bought at the malls to my roomies.

I'm tired now, and I have class in the morning, so g'night!
Like I'm outtee for the day! Gotta jet with the Buffster to the BBQ at Gokou's!
Cookies, jello, pickles and more! *bounce bounce bounce*
Pickles.. ewww. but the rest---SUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!
*giggles insanly*
Ciao darlings!