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The Poster Girl For Sugar

The Poster Girl For Sugar

The name's Allison Katherine Warren. Otherwise known as Alli, Alli Kat, The Blue Eyed Babe, The Cobalt Haired Cutie, The Mistress of Metal, The Sovereign of Steel... You get the idea right?

Well, I'm a sidekick to a goddess, a super heroine extrordinare and I currently attend school at Weirdbard Academy.
I'm a cheerleader who lives on sugar and caffeine. I also love to torment others on a regular basis.

I slay demons, thrash the bad guys, stalk video store employees and drive cars into snow drifts.

I'm perky, active and totally live for annoying others with my avid cute & perkiness. ^_^

I'm an original character and guess what? I'm copyrighted. Yup. I'm owned by mystra.
Ashley Tisdale is in no way affiliated with this and no harm is meant. She just looks like how I 'see' the character.